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Annie Montgomery

Actor | Director | Playwright | Teaching Artist | Arts Administrator | Consultant

Annie final headshot 1.jpg

Photo Credit: Michael Kushner

Artistic Statement

Theatre making and sharing can build a bridge of compassion, understanding, and knowledge about other cultures, histories, stories, and ways of life. I work in artistic collaboration with my fellow artists, colleagues, and students to tell stories, practice our own creativity, and develop an artistic community that explores characters, themes, and experiences that are not always our own but that we are curious to understand more fully. I create, rehearse, and perform plays and performance pieces in the hope that it will lead me, my students, and our audiences to a truer connection to our world, the people in it, and the stories we share.

Upcoming Projects

Annie will be travelling to Malta to perform Maupassant’s Mother Sauvage with Piper Theatre at the Universtiy of Malta in February 2023!

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